2021 MineCraft live held, invited a relay creator in Korea

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\ - Online Conventions held every year Live

\ - Famous creators in each country will relay live

\ - Korea Youtuber snaps invitation with special relay creator

Microsoft Xbox holds 2021 Live on the 17th, which comes from Korea time. In this provincial event, 2022 is a large update content, a mob to be added in the future, and the non-hex story of developers will be disclosed.

2021 Live is a event that has been held every year since 2010, the MineCraft convention on the form of the convention. Corona 19 will proceed online. YouTube, Facebook, Twitch You can watch in the official account.

This year, the famous creators of each country will provide real-time relay and commentary in their languages. In Korea, the Information YouTube snaps was invited to a special relay creator. For accurate information delivery, Microsoft Xbox has done a relay creative target in advance.

The user participating program is a mob voting. Users can vote on the mob to be added to the game directly. There are currently published mobs. YouTube can enjoy animation that contains mob characteristics.

Moto of MineCraft is Let s make a better world with the power of the game. We are working on community contribution projects and educational edition development. We have been pursuing business to community space in the area, and are being used to improve coding, cooperation, and problem solutions at the educational site with educational editions.

2021 Live is transported to three versions. The official live version, the US Tate (US) version, the subtitle version, and the subtitle version, will be willing to enjoy all of the disabled and disabled.

The team snapsseed with the Korean special relay creator said, It is an honor to be invited to this official event, and <MineCraft could feel the mind that it is important to communicating with the user. We are going to provide relay and commentary in Korean. I am looking forward to it.

2021 Live related contents can be found in official homepage , and Korean relay creator snaps can be heard in Live Link . A special relay creator snap may be inquiry to ([Email Protected]).


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